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Our Story

Kouzan Asset is founded by chartered surveyors, architects & professional property investors.


Our mission is to unlock the true potential of the land using our architectural expertise, with the utmost respect for the environment, and preserve the essence of the surroundings.


We uphold professionalism and integrity in our work and strive to give the best experience to the owners of our properties.




Kouzan Footprints

Kouzan Asset focuses to provide professional and innovative services and products in Japan.


Our development projects spread across Tokyo and Niseko, we specialized in building luxury villas, hotels and designer house. 

Development Methodology

Our first and foremost consideration is to create organic growth that is compatible with the development’s locality, to keep what is there and to improve upon harmoniously. Hence, our projects are exceptionally welcomed by local government and neighbors.

Feel free to have a glimpse of our projects below.

Meet Our Team

AK Housing.jpg

AK Housing

Project Manager (Niseko Based)



Local Architect (Sapporo Based)

HK-Niseko Management.jpeg

HK-Niseko Management

Operator (Niseko Based)

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